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Where to Start in Poker

Unknown to many is that poker is not just one game but a variety of types of one game all coming under the umbrella called poker. Today I would like to tell you of some poker rules that should be at the foundation of all players mind before they start up in any game. These poker rules are:

  1. Where to start in poker is quite simple. Any poker player can tell you he's beat at the table, many a time I've seen a guy with a pocket pair of queens going nowhere and I'm sure many of you are thinking the same thing. It's simple mathematics really. If you start in a game with even you're odds the more you'll end up paying. Poker is meant to be played against other players not the dealer!
  2. You aren't playing Vs. the person to your left as your own cards and you aren't playing versus the person to your right as your opponent's cards. You are playing poker against the whole table in that sense. It can help you to pay attention to what everyone else did before they made their moves. While you are doing this you are collecting information on how the other players play, this is valuable information you can take into your hand and alter your gaming strategy.
  3. Pay Attention - Like I said above, the whole table is your competition and your galaxy in poker. Led by the person to your left and the ones that follow, you need to think about what move to make with what cards. There is always something in the air and if you pay attention you'll get a better idea of the next move people make and you can improve your poker strategy accordingly.
  4. Bluffing - As far as I'm concerned a good bluff is just a good bluff. You aren't using a tried and proven strategy to carry out your bluff but you are MadnessStud gambling at the pot when you think no one can possibly have a better hand than you currently have.
  5. Keep it impersonal - I always play poker when I'm mad, possibly even a little depressed. When I gamble for a while it gets kind of ugly when you start playing poker. Kind of like how if you madly played holdem for a while it'd get pretty ugly for everyone. In poker you can kind of get away with a lot more than you can in Holdem though.
  6. Tilt is not that bad - Tilt is like a particularly bad run of cards. It can happen to you all the time and it's one of the easiest things in the world to cause yourself to tilt. Even a bad player can earn a place in an internet poker tournament table so it can be a fun experience. If you suffer more than one tilt it is probably time to take a break in an online poker casino because your reactions are going to be pretty skewed.
  7. Get a baby on your back - It doesn't matter what type of baby it is, an blister or simply a top layer, a baby can be a lovely little thing that can be a joy to hold and adore forever. Best of all you can probably get it for free because there are poker supplies stores available online that will have all the baby supplies you need. That means you can have a new little buddy to share your joy and your poker victories with!
  8. Express yourself - There are always ways to get out of your comfort zone whether it's paying extra for dinner because the food is all taken care of and you feel like having some company over. When there is a tournament going on in a particular poker room you can always tell folks on the poker room to focus on the tournament by raising your blinds. You are giving yourself an option to not play in the particular poker room and to not have to see cards for twenty minutes if you choose. Go ahead and do this, it's entirely up to you.
  9. Do not be a sitting duck - If you are playing online poker and notice some other guy is taking a lot of time, you can often take advantage of them. Often they will become frustrated and play even worse because of the fact that they are losing. If you notice a lot of people aren't playing, you may wish to wait a while before entering the poker room so as to allow others to claim the first rake. If you play in a poker room where there is a lot of traffic and nobody plays, you can play in an important hand. Often folks will play hands that they know they shouldn't in an effort to be a sitting duck.
  10. Don't broadcast your poker hand - When you play Dewavegas most hands are supposed to stay on the inside. You are not going to announce to the table that you have a good hand. You will not get paid off by revealing you hand.