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Poker Strategy – Play Like a Pro

Do you have a poker strategy? If you don't then no matter how lucky you are you are going to eventually lose. Poker players, mathematicians and university post grads spend whole lifetimes studying poker strategies. Why? Because poker can be quantified, you can remove all elements of luck and reduce it down to simple odds. Without a strategy most players will see you as an easy target and they won't be wrong.

The first thing you need to do is to learn all about odds. Odds are the chances that each hand has of winning. It's is probably more apt to say the chances of any hand being beaten. Once you know the odds for any particular hand of cards and you play to these you can't be beaten.

Sure you'll need to know the odds on more than one hand, more than one tournament and more than one deck of cards. When you start to realise that you need to know the odds you'll realise why you can't beat a game of poker.

The trouble with poker is when you start to learn a strategy that relies on the literal odds it can get hard to keep up. When you first start to use poker strategies to win you'll be aware of the need for updates to your formula. You'll realise you'll need to change strategies if the odds change.

Sure you can continue to use the same basic poker strategies and never have to change them if things stay the same, but you'll be missing out on easy profits. updates to your formula can and should be applied to all of your games. Learning when to update your strategy and when not to update it is critical.

Most players who are money making, especially in pokerbo tournaments, will continue to use a poker strategy that was developed with a certain hand in mind. No poker strategy is complete without an accurate ranking of the hands. You'll need to learn what each hand is best used in poker and when to use it.

This includes learning what hands to play in early position and when to fold. It also includes identifying the types of opponents you will face and the pre flop match ups. Learning these factors is part of any successful poker strategy and is carefully covered in my book.

Strategy without knowledge is just that, a strategy. Learning about poker is the second most important thing you can do to become a money making poker player. A strategy, step by step, that you stick to without deviation will ensure your success. Here are some of the strategy ideas  I use to make my living as a poker player.

First,swing the swing the other way.We're grateful for multi-table tournaments but the truth of the matter is they are tougher and mean more pots of which we have to be more conscious of. They're not made for the faint of heart.

Second,buy into the pot.This one is a� Know your play.We've all seen players who are aggressive, talkative and always in the action mode. They're easy to spot as they don't really play to protect their hand. When you're playing your best you are in the proper frame of mind.

The third thing to be more concerned with is your position in the game. You need to be in a good position to act quickly and decisively. A correct tactical posture is of crucial importance.

The fourth strategy is to forget about catching cards. You can't be concerned about every card that comes out of the shoe. You need to be in the action mode at the appropriate moment.

The final thing is to be over aggressive. Raise, raise and raise again. Poker is not about waiting for premiums. You're going to win big pots by taking advantages of others.