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Winning NFL Picks – Essential Sports Betting Guide

With the 2010 Regular Season of NFL in full swing, sports investors need to carefully the source of their NFL picks. Suffice it to say, if you are picking your own NFL picks on your own, or checking the picks from more than 50 percent of the internet's sports handicapping establishments, you are definitely costing yourself some serious time and money. While the intention of this article is to give sports bettors some essential sports betting guide when selecting the best NFL picks, it is still early. There will still be plenty of games to wager on through the season's first few weeks.

This is the time when sports bettors should be assessing their current NFL picks and reviewing the current matchup grids for the early games. As we enter the home stretch and the early part of the season, sports bettors need to be focusing a lot of their energy and attention to the task at hand. Rather than looking at the NFL football games from a 20-year perspective, they need to consider the 2009 season.

For example, a team may have an injured starting quarterback. If that injury occurs during the preseason, and the team has an Ace QB, it's quite possible that the Ace will be forced into season. Proving to the team that they should still use their starting QB, and by backup QB as well, is a difficult task. In a situation like that, sports bettors can clearly see that a team needs to have a quality backup QB. The fact that the team is currently in a back-up role does not indicate that the team cannot use that backup QB. Further, the fact that the team started the season without their starting QB only means that the team will be starting the games all over again with their Ace QB. The fact that teams start the season with their starting QB on the field, does not mean that the team cannot then turn to their Ace QB more than once they need to.

The kicker point for teams that make the playoffs and enter into the Super Bowl in or near the top-4 spots is that they had their Ace QB all season at the helm. This may be the determining factor for the outcome of the game.

The worst thing that can happen to a team is to give them Plus-minus in the final spot. The flip side of that is that if they only have a Plus-minus and they get a higher number than the other team, they've probably done their best to upset and cut the field down to 5 finalists. The bottom 4 QBs that made the Playoffs all had a QB rating of at least 1155 when they entered the last game. So that Plus-minusbook rating point represents the average produce per game by these QBs.

The Plus-minus is the rating of the Quarterback and there are currently the following quarterbacks that have suited up to this rating: MPO500, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, Drew Brees and Philip Rivers. We can expect that the QBs will continue to drop more and more as the season progresses. The 5 hottest QBs right now are Jay Cutler, Jay Henry, Jay Platten, Matt Leinart, and Andrew Walter.

The QB rating system relies heavily on a players leadership. Carson Palmer was able to lead his team to victory last preseason when they defeated the St. Louis Rams by the final of 37-7. Take this with you as you handicap all of the NFL games this season and help ensure that you'll have a winning record.

The one thing that is guaranteed is that no one has been able to come close to having a 95-per-cent season. So, if you're looking for a chance to make a few bets on NFL games, whether you are a novice or expert, there is no better time than the present NFL season. The Oddsmakers have known who the Top-10 QBs are all along and they are ready to cash in big this year.

Make sure that you are patient and analytical with your wagers as everything should fall into place after the first 3 weeks. There is no point in throwing your money away if this is how you start the season. Make sure that you are on the safe side as there is little probability for trends to develop.