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Why Sports Bettors Win, and Why They Lose

When it comes to sports betting, if you don't know how you're winning, you are probably losing. It is a common scenario, but if you had the knowledge or even experience to know where you were going wrong would you be able to make the correct picks the next time?

If you can't answer yes to the questions posed above, there are many reasons why you lose. But that is beyond the scope of this article. This article is about winning the war against the bookmaker.

The bookmaker is an enemy of the sports bettor, but not always. Factions within the bookmakers industry have sometimes opportunistically opposed each other and sometimes worked together as a syndicate. Regardless of how they met, the bookmaker was and still is, an enemy of the common bettor.

How should this make you feel? Should you barrow some cash from your local bookmaker and use it to bet against bookmaker A? Should you move all your bets to a different bookmaker, and then bet against bookmaker B?

My opinion is that if you don't take advantage of the bookmaker's lucrative first proposition, there is a good chance you are going to lose money on that bet. The bookmaker doesn't care who you bet on. His goal is to have you lose. I think the termis a little misleading. His goal is to screw you. The bookmaker won't care who you bet on. His interest is only in having you lose.

You should have no problem pulling an average of $60 from your pocket every single day of the year. I don't care if it takes you years and years to earn that money. You should be able to do it in months, if you have the discipline to make the bets.

But the real secret to beating the jayapoker is to find a situation to bet on, when you can bet against a clearly losing situation.

For example, you bet the Over 7.5 at the sportsbook. Everyone folds to you. You have a huge rush of money. But you're not playing on a crowded field, people are moving all-in. You could have afield of 8 or 9 on the number.

You can do this in a lot less time, by finding a tight situation. Any Yankee hat will do (good luck, you'll need it some day).

If you think about it, there are thousands of games during the season, and you may bet against a very good opponent with a great history against the opponent, in the first few rounds. Many bettors think it's too difficult to beat the best. Maybe it's tough psychologically to beat someone who has a 97% chance of winning every time, but you should be able to beat the worst.

To prove my point, go to Sportsbook.com, depositing some money, and bet against the worst team every time. I guarantee after a few weeks, they will be dirt on your bottom with bad beats and you won't be able to pick your winners anymore.

Larry Books is absolutely correct, you should never bet under the pressure of a large bet. You need to do it for about 30 minutes, so it takes some time to read and process, but it is by far the best method of picking winners.