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The History of Playing Cards

Playing cards, as we all know, have to be made from a bunch of things. Most of the time they are printed on card stock which requires a press of the start and a tilt of the card to cut it. How sophisticated our cars and computers have become that the majority of things they use, from food to medicine, can be manufactured on a simple card.

Playing cards were first invented in the early 1500s. The Italian game called punto baccara was immensely popular among the French and Europeans. It wasn't very complicated and was played with only 52 cards. Even in the older days cards were hand painted and only aristocratic men could afford to buy the expensive cards.

In the early 1700's, playing cards were a big topic of conversation. The cards were hand painted and only aristocratic men could afford them. In the 1700's, cards were so expensive that only the rich men could afford them. A cheap card meant a cheap thrill.

In the early 1800's, people thought a card was a simple cut and paste kind of thing. When cards started to be made of paper instead of cardstock, the people playing cards knew they were compromised. The people playing cards knew they were not as good as the cards made of paper. Theychanged the deck in the 1800's to machines that were cuts with a saw.

In the United States, the French beat the Americans to the spot of creation of the best card money making machines. They developed the "Seven Card Stud" in the 1800's. This added cards to the deck and more variety to the game. The people playing cards in the USA knew they were being cheated when the cards they were using had "Stars" and "Spades" on them. The cards were cheaply made and had no distinction between the low and high cards.

The Americans were not aware that the French had beaten them to the invention of the game cards. The French cheated the Americans to make the cheap cards. The French played cards that had hearts for the Jack, Queen and King and the Americans had the Ace and King as the highest cards. The French Playing card company moved to Chicago and started manufacturing cards. They changed the suits to hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs and the ace and king to tens.

The Americans ran from house to house looking for a card cheap enough to permit gambling. The people started folding cards and cleaning out stock to get cards. This proved to be a hard task as the stock was deducted from the stock.

In order to save the stock of cards, the people spread the announcement that any stock from twenty-five cents to a dollar would make a fine card. This notice brought a rush to the card presses. They were ready to announcements inventories.

After this huge success the cards were authorized to be sold. The first set of cards were called the "Pokerrepublik". These cards were approved in all the Kentucky Casinos. Casinos sell the cards for a three dollar change and it is easy to get lost in the process.

In the year since these cards started to hit the market, the net is flooded with card, Poker Supplies, Poker Chips, Poker Books, Poker Helmets, Poker Tricks and other Poker Services. You can never go wrong. You can get any thing you need to play poker.

We suggest that you look around to find the best deal when you are researching any Poker Supplies Supplier, because a Deal is a Deal. Different people are dealing with the same products from the same supplier. Just like food service, if you have a problem with your food the best thing to do is go to the buffet kitchen or equipments. In case you do not have the expert kitchen knife skills, whittle up all the produce. Cutlery, cutlery, cutlery.

Play with your cards. If you are losing with your first set of cards, then at least you might want to go out and get some cards from a different set of cards. Try it and see if it works for you.

Last of all, do not forget playing is all about enjoyment. We are not going to live in the past. We are in this moment and the only way to enjoy it is to reconnect with the wonder of the moment. Online Poker and the best gaming that the world has to offer.